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Welcome to the MLA ACRL Wiki! Below you'll find links to information relevant to MLA ACRL members, such as professional development opportunities and ACRL publications.



This wiki is designed as a space for you to share information about ACRL related issues, as well as post announcements, thoughts and feelings about various ACRL events. Please join the group below to post or add to MLA ACRL discussion. You may set your preferences upon subscribing. You will not receive any emails unless you select this option.




ACRL Update

ACRL Update provides information about ACRL initiatives, professional development opportunities, publications, and other items of interest to academic librarians.



November 24, 2015

December 1, 2015

December 8, 2015


ACRL Insider

The ACRL Weblog, featuring the latest news and announcements from ACRL National!


Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries

This is the wiki of the ACRL print publication Library 2.0 Initiatives in Academic Libraries (2007).


ACRL OnPoint

ACRL OnPoint is a live series of informal monthly chat sessions that provide the opportunity to connect with colleagues and experts to discuss an issue of the day in academic and research librarianship.


Chapter Topics: The Newsletter of the ACRL Chapters Council 


ACRL E-Learning Scholarships





The ACRL Framework for Information Literacy Advisory Board (FAB) has been hard at work collaborating with the Cherry Hill Company on the development of the Framework “Sandbox,” a repository for sharing Framework instruction materials.


While development has taken a little longer than originally anticipated, we are excited to report that the repository will enter into the testing phase within the next week. After testing is complete and feedback incorporated, we hope to launch the website by the end of November/early December of this year.


We are aware of how highly anticipated this resource is by members of the profession. It has been a priority of ours to balance timeliness of availability of this repository with a high quality, dynamic platform that upon launch will meet the needs of academic librarians using the Framework. This repository will allow contributors to upload resources they have developed and will provide robust searching by fields such as keyword, institution, contributor, and more, so that those looking for ideas can find related materials. We are grateful for everyone’s continued patience, and look forward with excitement to launching before the end of the fall 2016 semester.


In the meantime, we hope Framework practitioners are getting their Framework-related resources ready for submission to the “Sandbox.” We can’t wait to see what everyone has already created!


— The FAB “Sandbox” Project Team (Donna Witek, Susan Miller, and Sharon Mader)



ACRL spring meeting May 21.docx (Spring 2014 MLA-ACRL Meeting May 21, 2014 Registration Form)






October 19, 2016 Meeting Presentation by Sharon Mader


May 26, 2016 Meeting Minutes


October 21, 2015 Meeting Minutes


October 21, 2015 Meeting Presentation by Jaena Alabi


2015 Spring Meeting Minutes


Oct. 16, 2014 ACRL Meeting Presentation by Ann Riley


Oct 16, 2014 ACRL Meeting Minutes.pdf (Fall 2014)


2014 Spring Meeting Minutes


Spring Meeting 2013 Minutes.docx  


2012 Fall Meeting Minutes.doc


2012 Spring Meeting Minutes.doc


Dr. Stacy Creel Slides from MLA-ACRL 2012 Meeting.pptx


Report from ACRL Chapters Council Meeting at ALA Midwinter - 1-22-2012.doc


2011 Fall Meeting Minutes


2011 Spring Meeting Minutes


2010 Fall Meeting Minutes


Julia Blixrud Slides from MLA-ACRL 2010 Lunch

In addition to her presentation, Julia referenced the following documents:

Opportunity Assessment Instrument

Environmental Scan Exercise


2010 Spring Meeting Minutes


2009 Meeting at the University of Southern Mississippi

The minutes of the meeting and Frederick Stoss' presentation

The minutes of the meeting and Karen Green's presentation


Link to David Lee King's Library 2.0 Presentation 

From MLA-ACRL 2007 meeting at Vicksburg Convention Center


Time Table for the MLA ACRL Chairperson


MLA ACRL Members




Open Access.pdf


MLA ACRL Past Conference Information





ALA ACRL Election Information

Results, candidate interviews and statements, proposed bylaw changes


ALA ACRL Information

Promotional materials and publications (PDFs) from ALA ACRL 




Developing a Scholarly Communication Program in Your Library

This is a free online guide published by the Association of Research Libraries (ARL) and the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). It provides information pertaining to scholarly communication programs involving academic libraries.


ARL/ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication.doc

ARL/ACRL Institute on Scholarly Communication provides free online resources


ACRL Conference Information

Information on the upcoming ACRL 2011 Conference


ALA Conference Information

Information on the upcoming ALA Annual Conference


















Google Groups

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